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May 02 2019

NICE Guidance
for High Performing MedTech Products
an Accelerated Access Scheme

['NICE Guidance\r', 'for High Performing MedTech Products\r', 'an Accelerated Access Scheme']

NICE has today published further guidance on how high-performing products will be identified and selected by the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) and how support will be offered to them;


What types of innovations are eligible for support?

Each year, the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) will identify and support innovations that will have the biggest impact on patient outcomes and NHS services. The AAC will consider a full range of innovations across the development pipeline, including – medicines, therapeutic products, medical technologies, digital products and diagnostic products.

The AAC will take a “flexible and pragmatic approach” to identify game-changing innovations which may not be cost-neutral in year but are assessed by NICE to be both clinically and cost-effective.

Areas of interest for the AAC include:

  • evidence of clinical and cost effectiveness
  • addressing significant unmet need
  • application to large populations or high budget impact
  • enabling a novel mode of action or enabling significant changes to the care pathway.

What type of support can a product expect to receive?

Products designated as high potential will receive a tailored package of support, with dedicated case management. The AAC partners and the company will agree this based on their development or accelerated needs.

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