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March 04 2019

IGES Institut GmbH
Acquires Majority Shareholding in
Device Access UK

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Berlin, March 4, 2019 (IGES Institute) – The IGES Institut GmbH today announced that it has acquired the majority of shares in the market leading U.K. reimbursement specialist company Device Access Ltd. The Southampton based consultancy provides comprehensive health economic and strategic services for international medical device manufacturers focused on launching innovative products to both the U.K. private healthcare market as well as the publicly funded National Health Service (NHS).

With this majority acquisition, the IGES Group continues its European expansion, servicing the growing global medical devices market in which Germany and the U.K. constitute core markets. The IGES Group has been active in providing consultancy services for the German medical technology market since it acquired the company AiM GmbH.

IGES Director Professor Bertram Häussler said: “U.K. is an important country for the development and application of medical devices. Furthermore, it has traditionally been seen as a European beach head for global companies to launch into Europe. The aim of this acquisition is to strengthen these connections and make them usable for all our international clients.”

Device Access founder Michael Branagan-Harris will continue to be the CEO of Device Access and will additionally lead IGES’ UK business activities as Country Manager, in order to bring the countries’ two markets closer together.

Mr. Branagan-Harris said: “Device Access and the IGES Group unite extensive knowledge of approval, market launch and reimbursement of medical devices, and their cultures fit outstandingly. The deal strengthens our respective market positions and build the potential for our growth in the European markets.”

Device Access which was established in 2010, based in Hampshire Southern England at The University of Southampton Science Park, has a large clientele of US, European and British medical device developers and a successful track record of navigating and supporting its clients into the NHS, and through 30 National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) appraisals.

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About IGES

The IGES Institute, founded in 1980, is the core of the IGES group. Today, it is the largest privately-owned research and consulting institution of its kind for health and infrastructure questions. IGES offers creative solutions for questions in care, quality, financing and shaping competition for all actors in the life sciences arena. Clients are government organizations, providers, NGOs and companies. The institute has conducted over 2,000 research and consulting projects since its foundation.

Further IGES Group members include the two Berlin companies CSG Clinische Studien Gesellschaft (clinical research) and IMC clinicon (analysis and consulting for hospitals), as well as HealthEcon in Basel (health economics) and AiM (analysis and consulting for medical devices) in Lörrach. In total, the IGES Group employs over 140 members of staff.

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About Device Access

Device Access UK Ltd, a privately held company was founded in 2010 and has supported Medical Device Organizations from across the world in assisting them in NHS Market Access and reimbursement strategies with a focus on gaining NICE approvals.

Device Access work closely with various NHS and UK Government bodies including the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), and The UK Department of International Trade (DIT) in bringing new and novel Innovative medical technologies to benefit patients faster.

Since 2014 they have held a commercial Licence with NHS Digital to interrogate patient claims data to examine and understand current NHS patient treatment pathways, and are an approved NICE MedTech Early Technology Assessment (NICE MetaTOOL®) facilitator.


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Device Access UK Ltd
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