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June 04 2020

Planning Your Engagement Strategy
with the NHS Post-Covid-19

['Planning Your Engagement Strategy\r', 'with the NHS Post-Covid-19']

The announcement of lockdown in the UK presented an opportunity for us here at Device Access to share our knowledge through the medium of webinars and to provide some help in uncertain times. We embraced the growing virtual work environment to bring together some impressive panels of experts to discuss the future of MedTech, the NHS and how to better your engagement strategies with the NHS for faster adoption.

We have collated all of these recordings into one place so that they can be listened to freely. Below we have listed the recordings and what each of them includes so that you can listen to the webinars most suited to your needs. We hope that you find them useful, and if you have any other questions or would like to book a strategy consultation, please don’t hesitate to visit our contact page.

MedTech Market Access Post Covid-19 Episode 1

Our first webinar featured panellists from all across the world, discussing how the MedTech industry would be affected by Covid-19. Our panellists, including MedTech company CEOs, NHS management, and market access experts discussed the potential changes in the NHS as a result of Covid-19. In this webinar, we began to explore the newly expedited process of being able to talk to decision makers, an idea that became more and more prevalent as our webinar series continued.

market access webinar

MedTech Market Access Post Covid-19 Episode 2

We continued our discussion of the future of MedTech and the NHS in this webinar, but this time we focused more closely on questions from the audience. Discussion included the debt write off for the NHS, how the ever-growing waiting lists will be dealt with, and the opportunity for MedTech.

Re-Opening of Elective Surgery in the NHS

We were thrilled to welcome Dame Barbara Hakin, former Deputy Chief Executive of the NHS and Professor Timothy Briggs, National Director for Clinical Quality and Efficiency for the NHS. This webinar was hosted in association with Health Tech Alliance and there was some interesting discussion of what elective treatments would be starting up again soon, and how they would be prioritised. Of course, there was also a discussion of how the MedTech industry could help the situation.

re-opening of elective surgery

Navigating NICE and MedTech Evaluations

After the feedback from our previous webinars, we knew that our listeners were looking to learn more about the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. We were joined by Joanne Holden and Chris Pomfrett, both of whom work for the Medical Technologies Programme for NICE. We discussed how best to demonstrate the value of your medical device and the advantage of having NICE recommendation when trying to get your device adopted into the NHS.

nhs reimbursement

Accelerating MedTech Adoption into the NHS

After many discussions on the opportunity for the MedTech industry within the NHS, we decided to host a webinar answering questions about the best ways to approach adoption. We were joined by digital marketing specialists, NHS staff, and MedTech innovators. Our panellists shared their experiences of medical device adoption, their advice on how to best approach the NHS, and the importance of developing an engagement strategy early in the creation of the device itself.

medtech adoption into the NHS

Reducing Your Investment Risk in Start-Up MedTech

In this webinar, we were joined by MedTech innovators and investors to discuss how to wisely use MedTech investment, and they shared their advice on how the development process can be best approached by MedTech companies.

MedTech investment

Update Your Engagement Strategy Today

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There are has never been a better time to review your engagement strategy with the NHS. The changes in the NHS actually present an opportunity for MedTech companies, but only with the best strategy.

At Device Access, we consider ourselves experts in market access. We can help to facilitate and expedite your journey into the NHS, by helping to demonstrate your value and guiding you through NICE recommendation. Learn more about how we can help on our market access services page, or get in touch for a free market access strategy consultation.

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