Device Access UK

Device Access UK is a dedicated medical technology reimbursement consultancy brought together under the IGES Group. Its purpose is to provide Europe-wide support for MedTech companies navigating the complex reimbursement landscapes in healthcare markets.
Device Access UK
Established in 2010, Device Access has supported over 40 successful applications for NICE approvals and more than 1000 cases for change within the NHS, prior to joining the IGES group in 2019.

Device Access has supported a wide range of international and European companies introducing high value medical technologies to the UK, effectively navigating the complex NHS reimbursement pathways through the creation and implementation of local and national market access strategies that demonstrate the technologies’ true value.

In 2017, Device Access became one of the first NICE approved facilitators for the MedTech Early Technical Assessment (META Tool®).

Device Access holds a data sharing agreement from NHS England, which provides data on all hospital admissions and outcomes on a monthly basis, allowing them to work with companies to further understand the impact technologies may have on current patient populations.

IGES MedTech
Device Access UK is part of IGES MedTech, a multinational team of experts for all aspects of market access and reimbursement of medical devices in Europe. IGES MedTech’s comprehensive, pan-European approach helps to open up European markets strategically and quickly. IGES MedTech has its European headquarters in Berlin. It combines the expertise and excellent scientific work of three companies: AiM, Device Access UK and Meditech Access:

AiM supports the medical device industry in accessing the German-speaking markets in Europe. AiM is a specialist for all questions regarding market access, reimbursement and pricing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The focus is on identifying the right reimbursement pathways in the outpatient and inpatient sector.

Since its foundation in 2007, AiM has successfully completed more than 800 projects for more than 250 clients.

AiM is based in Lörrach, Germany.


Highly specialized, and with a lot of enthusiasm, Meditech Access helps medical device innovators to enter the French-speaking markets. Meditech Access' particular strength is the development of sustainable concepts that give companies security and ensure that patients are quickly provided with valuable medical technology innovations.

Meditech Access was founded in 2012. A large number of projects have been successfully implemented since then. Today, Meditech Access is recognized as a powerful provider of market access solutions for France.

Meditech Access is based in Versailles, France.

For the full IGES MedTech portfolio please visit the MedTech Website.

IGES MedTech
Our Team
Device Access UK

Michael founded Device Access UK in 2010 following more than 30 years successful experience in the sales and marketing of medical devices including the UK commercialisation of VNUS Closure(R) a novel treatment that has now replaced varicose vein stripping procedures across the NHS.

Since then, he has helped source number of novel and innovative Medical technologies and diagnostics and helped to bring them into the NHS for the benefits of patients, NHS care providers and payers. He has supported over 50 of these technologies successfully through NICE, and more than half of the technologies on the NHS MedTech Finding Mandate were introduced by Michael to NICE. Michael was one of the first qualified and approved NICE Meta Tool® facilitators.


Mehdi has over 13 years experience in market access and reimbursement and has produced over 50 economic evaluation models (CAE, CUA, Budget impact analyses) in different disease areas including cardiovascular, oncology, diabetes, ophthalmology, urology and otorhinolaryngology. Mehdi has also had over 80 publications accepted by high impact journals.

Mehdi works closely with NICE and is currently a senior advisor within the Research Design Service and a member of the Evidence Review Group.

You can find Mehdi’s publications here.


Debbie has over 17 years experience in the NHS as a Service Improvement Manager. During her tenure she took a diploma in Innovations and Change Management and subsequently established, led and delivered a sustainable NHS innovation pathway from concept to commercialisation.

Debbie works closely with companies to develop business dossiers that support local and national market adoption of new technologies by the NHS.


Jowan runs and maintains the SQL database that continuously contains 4 years of NHS Digital hospital episode statistics. This involves managing over 1 billion data points relating to admitted patient care, accident and emergency, critical care and outpatient tables.

Jowan works with companies to provide in-depth analysis for specific patient cohorts from the hospital episode statistics.


Before joining Device Access, Chris worked as a Technical Advisor at NICE, commissioning and facilitating pragmatic research on innovative medical devices intended for adoption by the NHS. He has a Ph.D in Neurophysiology from The Medical College of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital (University of London). He was a tenured lecturer and researcher at the University of Manchester, before he was invited to join NICE.

Chris is also a medical device inventor and UK HCPC registered Clinical Scientist, specialising in understanding human consciousness, with 5 patents under his name. He has even made several
media appearances to discuss his research on the diagnosis of vCJD.

As MedTech Evidence and Technical Director, Chris uses his expertise to advise our clients on the importance of relevant claims of evidence for Health Technology Assessment, and for NHS Commissioning and funding.

You can find Chris’ publications here.

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