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September 14 2018

NHS England is Calling on the Best
Innovators from Across the World to
Apply to Join New NHS Adoption Scheme
to Ensure Patients Benefit from New
Technology Faster.

['NHS England is Calling on the Best\r', 'Innovators from Across the World to\r', 'Apply to Join New NHS Adoption Scheme\r', 'to Ensure Patients Benefit from New\r', 'Technology Faster.']

A new programme to support MedTech Adoption for innovative devices across the NHS have opened for new applications as NHS England once again champions the spread of the latest and greatest new technology.

Through the Innovation Technology Payment NHS England can directly fund a small group of proven innovations to help spread them at scale across the NHS.

Over 7,000 patients have already benefitted from innovations that joined the programme this year, with a further 95,000 patients benefitting from the previous version of the programme. Recent innovations include HeartFlow, advanced image analysis software that creates a 3D model of the coronary arteries and analyses the impact that blockages have on blood flow to rapidly diagnose patients with suspected coronary artery disease.

Since it launched in 2015, 36 innovators representing 37 innovations have been supported with an additional 1,423 NHS sites using their innovations.

Pre requisites are positive NICE Guidance approvals. For assistance with this process please contact us for further information – we can help you complete this application and build your economic value proposition, as well as review clinical evidence though our NICE Medtech Early Technology Assessment Service, as well as understand the impact of your technology through real World NHS data analysis.

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NHS England is Calling on the Best Innovators from Across the World to Apply to Join New NHS Adoption Scheme to Ensure Patients Benefit from New Technology Faster.
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